COD: Black Ops Zombies

My friends and I have recently been playing older games on the Xbox 360. Recently we have rediscovered the Call Of Duty Black Ops zombies and we have loved it!

We have been polishing our skills and re discovering all the secrets to each of the maps. One thing that needs pointing out it that the music easter eggs are pretty bad on most maps! However we always end up doing them, normally to our hatred 5 seconds after it starts.

Best thing about this zombies is the maps are all really good, there is a mix between challenging maps and more open zombie training maps. Obviously we started on Kino Der Toten, its the map that defines Black Ops Zombies. Its simple layout makes it easy for everyone to remember how the basics of zombie gameplay works.

When we first started playing I had forgotten where all the Perk-a-Cola’s where, what guns where on the walls and on some maps, the general direction we would normally go from the start, I still have no clue how to navigate Shangri La!

Quickly after getting back into the swing of things everyone seems to go back to exactly how we were 4 years ago, its great when it feels like you never went away from a game. Banter returns, everyone remembers their roles etc.

As one friend pointed out, there are times when friendships are tested. For example, who gets to play as Nixon on the map FIVE, we are simple beings at heart… the small things matter most. Being able to shout AROOOO is just fun. (We are big kids)

Remembering the point of zombies is important, how long can you last. We have set some pretty decent scores for us. We are normally playing with 4 players and we average round 25. As a two player game we have made it to round 39, its not hard to make it that far, its just takes too much time and we got hungry!

I would recommend you go back and pull out any Cod with zombies on and replay some maps! Definitely some of the best Co-op adventures I have had have been Zombie based, Cod is just very good at making it fun with some mild frustration, YOU DAMN MAGIC BOX

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