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Another year, another Call of Duty game. This time, a new developer, Sledgehammer, have come into the rotation of COD developers and created their own game that put simply, blends Call of Duty with Titanfall, a good mix on paper, but the execution on this Call of Duty is quite weak.

Starting with the positives, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has a very good Campaign, the story keeps you pretty gripped all the way through and the variations if missions always keep you on your toes. Even the stealthy missions work well, it’s like Sledgehammer took at look at CoD 4 and took notes on the mission “All Ghillied Up”, still the best CoD mission ever made. At least the stealth mission was fun and challenging though. The story does keep you guessing and this is part of the games charm. Also the graphics on Xbox One are very nice, everything is sharp and the view blur is realistic, next gen has truly been worked on this time

Now onto the bad, and this list is long. Firstly on the story front there are minor perks you can purchase with points, these feel very ineffective and pretty pointless, the campaign shouldn’t need any extra perks, its a story, not levelling up multiplayer. Thats really my only gripe on the singleplayer.

Multiplayer really grinds my gears. Sledgehammer have been bold, bringing in the new EXO Suite and the ability to double jump adds another dimension to the game, a dimension that CoD really didn’t need. It creates a seemingly endless amount of kills from behind for the majority of players, the servers STILL suck, even though this is CoDs 8th game since CoD 4, they still cannot get the servers to perform properly from day one. Joining friends is a long and horrible process that normally ends in everyone playing in different games, plus hopefully they can fix the issue that makes the “players have been added to the game” notification pop up every couple of minutes. The maps in the MP feel pretty uninspired and simple, they are good for a game or two, but instantly feel very samey.

EXO survival is pretty good, survival is fun and the game can become quite challenging, the issue is that the tiers of difficulty make the game simple after every 25 rounds. Also the problem of the survivals being hosted on the MP maps doesnt help

This seems like a ranty review, it kind of is, I didn’t buy Ghosts as I have become bored of the CoD series, Advanced Warfare has cemented the sentiment, the best thing that the CoD series could do now is remaster CoD 4.

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