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Co-op vs singleplayer? Games recently can be judged quite heavily on if there is a co-op option. However more recently the option of co-op has become more of a necessity to the game playing well rather than an option. Has co-op gaming gone too far? Or are the days of singleplayer games coming to a close?

The Elder Scrolls series has been the king of singleplayer only games recently (until Elder Scrolls Online was released), there was never much complaint about no co-op or multiplayer options. The Elder Scrolls games normally have enough depth and length to give a good 50 hours of gameplay and you would still need 100 more to get close to 100%.

Co-op games are generally fun just because you play with a friend, so you have the same experience etc. But games like Halo were just as fun alone, the story hardly changed and the difficulty didn’t vary too much. More recently though, games like Destiny and Borderlands have been releasing with an online co-op “jump in/out” style, and generally the games play much better with at least one co-op partner playing alongside you in this genre. Playing alone is fine, but the experience is generally better with a friend or two. Are games going to go more towards an online only experience from now on?

However much I enjoy the way Destiny works, always online and forced team up with strangers, at times its very frustrating as you have to rely on the arch enemy of online gaming, servers. Far too many times have I or a friend been kicked off in the middle of a level because the servers have become overloaded (or hacked). Sometimes gamers want to just play a game without worrying if they can get a team together or if the servers work on the day, gamers will want to play a good game whenever they want, not whenever they are able to. Finally, if you want a game to have a successful co-op, make it available to play splitscreen, they are the best co-op experiences!

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