Destiny after Level 20

I have been grinding my way through Destiny since release, once the main story has been completed the game can become a bit stale, but what should you do when you hit level 20, what is life in Destiny after level 20?

The way to level up in Destiny after level 20 is to get light in your armour. You can see how much light is in each set of armour by looking in the area where strength, intellect and discipline stats are. I fully recommend you sacrifice some defence for light, the levelling up will come quick when you start.

Well, the best way to make progress is do strikes and PvP and complete bounties to gain vanguard marks and reputation as well as crucible marks and reputation. Doing this will also bring you access to buy legendary gear from sellers in the Tower, a great way to get light armour. At the end of games you can get random rewards, every de-coherent engram is a chance to get more light so keep an eye out for these, particularly for random drops in strikes.

You should also look at playing the weekly and daily strikes, these normally carry the best rewards but do carry some difficulty multipliers. Unfortunately levelling up becomes a frustrating grind, you end up hoping for better items and 98% of the time you get complete crap that isn’t worth it, or you get a legendary item that is for a different class if you are very unlucky.

I would say the best way to get items is through strikes as you have a chance of getting extra engram drops. Apart from this you must keep grinding the game… sorry to say that. Apart from this though, keep an eye on your strange coins and try to find Xur at some point.

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