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GTA Online is one of my favourite On-line experiences I have played on. It merges so many aspects of gaming into one large game. There’s the sandbox gaming aspect to start. Then you can play multiple variants of games, you can race and have as much fun as pure racing games. You can play death matches that are on par with some shooters. On top of these there are capture modes and team based missions to do as-well. I love it a lot, however my only gripe is the issue of auto aim and catchup on races.

Auto aim simplifies shooting in GTA to make it an easier more enjoyable experience. This is great when playing the story, especially as it helps find some sneaky enemies hiding around corners. It also helps massively with shooting targets driving past, however, auto aim does not work when you are driving a car which makes it much harder. I don’t mind auto aim on single player, however when it pushes over to multi player I have a bit of an issue.

Death matches are pretty dull at times, this is because the games are literally a test of who can pull the left trigger followed by right trigger fastest. You cannot help but feel like there is a complete lack of skill going on. Now there are options to force auto aim off for all players, however the problem is that the default setting is to have it on, which seems counter intuitive considering the games should be competitive and the most skilled player should shine through on every occasion, not to say the skilled players are not rewarded when auto aim is on though, but they are as consistently high. Targeting players at range isn’t difficult at all, getting in a car is stupid and a certain deathtrap as well!

So, how do we fix this issue? Well its very simple, take away auto aim completely, it takes away skill and gives very little to enjoyment. So Rockstar, I plead to you to take away auto aim or at the very least make the default option on death matches to have auto aim off. Please and Thankyou!

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