GTA V High Life

GTA V has received its newest update. The high life update went live early on the 13th of march and came alongside update 1.13.

The high life content brought new 4 new vehicles, a new gun, new apartments and clothing, the standard content that has been seen before. The most intriguing addition comes in the form on mental state which helps players distinguish between friendly players and players who are likely to kill you on sight. It works in a very simple way, map blip colors range between red (psycho) and fade pink, the eventually fade completely to white (peaceful).

Violent activity adds to the Mental State meter. Property damage (killing civilians or police, destroying cars) increases it very slowly. Player on player aggression will see your mental state meter quickly grow to full psycho.

Killing psycho players will gain you experience, so there is incentive to kill them if they come near you, as an added bonus, you don’t add to your mental state for killing psycho players. Killing peaceful players still gains no experience and bounty’s are still a large part of free play, though their map blip has changed to distinguish it against psycho players.

I really like the dynamic this addition has bought, the times of wondering how aggressive an approaching player are largely gone, there is potential to bring an us against them mentality in the free roam lobbies too.

All in all, Rockstar has done a great job with this update, along with the additional content they have improved the game. GTA online is still one of the most varied fun game on the market.

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