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Indie games are quickly becoming my favourite games, its disappointing that so few people give them any time because they aren’t made by a well known or big brand.

Indie developers, on the most part, love gaming, thats why they make their own games. Every wanted a certain type of game made a certain way? Thats most likely the reason why indie dev’s started creating their own game. We’ve all been there, we have been playing a game and wondered, what would it be like if I made a game like this, but changed this, this and this?

The problem I have with the majority of major developers now is, they are too money focused. Most of them look to gain money through micro transactions through DLC. Most games have DLC announced before the game has even been released! Most indie games don’t come with DLC, mainly because they don’t have the funds to and also because they normally put all they want into the game in the first place. It should be noted that I don’t hate DLC, some of it is great, but alot of it is a money grab of regurgitated maps from a previous game… Looking at you Call Of Duty!

Indie developers appreciate everything you do for their game, theres normally a better community as its more closely knit than the bigger games. The stories in indie games are normally a lot better than some of the stories that a large group of highly paid writers can do, because indie games have heart. Yes Indie games may not have the flashy graphics that the top games do, but they certainly look unique, and a lot of the time unique looking games are the best, just look at Borderlands on that one!

If you ever want to know what a certain indie game is like then go to youtube, there’s normally plenty of videos of gameplay commentary, they will let you know what’s good and bad in an very unbiased way. You may or may not know that some extremely good games started life as indie games, technically they still are, included in these is Minecraft, which took off by the help of Youtube! Among other well known indie games: Battleblock Theatre, Fez, Monaco, Super Meat Boy, Castle Crashers and many many more!

Never overlook indie games, they are normally so unique that they are worth a look!

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