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Madden games have generally been very similar game to game, with additions so small that the change hardly noticeable. However the change from Madden 25 to Madden 15 is impressive to say the least, it’s still probably not worth the extra £45/$55.

The biggest improvement to Madden 15 is the physics of the game, players fall properly, most of the time collisions are correct and there isn’t too much morphing. Linebackers no longer perform superman jumps to stop every bullet pass over the middle, instead they bat down balls that are relatively close to them and you won’t feel like it has happened unfairly.

Defence logic has been improved. The A.I. seems to adapt much better to what you are working on to try and stop you. The game generally feels like there is more of a challenge playing against the A.I. though there are times of frustration with A.I. on your team not being as logical on you would hope. This is mainly noticeable when you are locked into the QB position, computer controlled running backs will look to bounce outside rather than gain a tough yard or two through the middle, even when its 3rd and short. A frustrating issue that could have a simple patch fix.

A BIG missing piece of Madden 15 is any form of online team play! There was few modes I would rather play on Madden games than playing WITH friends. Playing head to head is fun every now and then, but playing together was… just… fun! I am extremely disappointed with no team play on Madden 15, my friends and I wanted to do a connected franchise playing on defence together, but that will have to wait at least one year longer.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team has been improved in my opinion too, normally I’m not one to play MUT due to the microtransaction hell that is required to win, but the game gives you players and its not as hard to gain coins like it normally is, I’m still not a massive fan on MUT, but, it has got my attention this time.

Finally, the little things have been made easy! Audibles and hurry up offences are much easier to perform. The matchup advantage bar is a great feature to help those who don’t know all the players and want to play quickly. Practice/training mode is very good and gives new players a great understanding of how to play the game and what various concepts mean.

Madden 15 is well worth the money, the improvements make the game much more fun to play! For the first time since I started playing Madden games (Madden 09), I feel like they have finally made a big step in game improvements and not just minor graphics and old features re-imagined. Good job EA sports, go for 2 on the run!

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