Manning vs Brady

Another week in the NFL approaches and the focus is set firmly on one game, the Broncos are being hosted by the Patriots for one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

Manning vs Brady has had 15 previous games, with Tom Brady leading with 10 wins to Manning’s 5. Sundays match up may prove the best opportunity Manning will ever have to take a victory over his long term rival, sporting a fantastic supporting cast on all three phases of the game. Brady has struggled with a weak offensive line early in the year, but with a much improved protection after week 4, Brady has been Tom Terrific.

In their last four respective games, Manning and Brady have combined for 28 touchdowns, 2,588 yards and a passer rating of 128.2. Since Week 5, they are the league’s top two quarterbacks in passing touchdowns, completion percentage and passer rating.

On paper, Manning has a much easier task, playing an easier defence and having a superior run game to back him up, but as previous match ups have shown, these match ups can go either way.

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