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Timed exclusives in video games are the most ridiculous things that have ever been created! I don’t get why or who started this stupid craze but it seems to have stuck within the games industry.

Timed exclusives are normally some form of DLC that is available on one platform for a set period of time before other platforms, basically, the developers temporarily reduce their income and spread it through a longer time span. On a perspective purely from a developers point of view, they will get the same amount of money through a longer time but they will be paid a decent sum of cash up front from the platform that wants the timed exclusives. So the developer gets more money, but in my eyes they loose respect for not dishing out DLC at the same time.

From a consumer point of view, its entirely frustrating, the developer turns and almost says, sorry you don’t have the right platform to play this DLC at this time. Why? Cause this platform offered us a lot of money and we sold out. Timed Exclusivity can last anywhere between a few days to a year, The one good thing is that it normally isn’t a rediculous amount of time and at least with timed exclusives they release it to everyone eventually.

Which brings me on to platform exclusive content… Just why!? Why limit what a game can be on another platform? This actually makes timed exclusives look good. The only time fully exclusive content would be acceptable is when a platform cannot handle the content, only the Wii U would have this issue at this point in time. If a developer wants to have exclusive DLC for a platform they may as-well make the game a full exclusive, it just seems wrong to me, they waste money by not making it available to everyone!

I understand that consoles have exclusive games, this is normally because the platform owns the developer. It makes a console more buy-able as you may want one set of games over another. When a game is cross platform then the games content should be available to everyone at the same time! This will unfortunately only get worse as time goes on.

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