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Do games get released with the developers knowing that its unfinished and has multiple issues? I experienced this on the largest scale so far via Battlefield 4, the game that was consistently broken for a good 4 or 5 months after it was released. I have started thinking about this topic again as I have seen that Battlefield Hardline is currently in a beta phase.


I remember that prior to Battlefield 4’s release they bought out a beta which I remember playing, it had its odd issue here and there, but beta’s are meant to, they aren’t finished games and when you play them you should keep this in mind. It was about a month after the beta when the game was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and 3 weeks later the next gen consoles were released. In the month after the beta the developers appeared to make the game severely worse. Constant rubber banding, one shot kills, invisible walls caused by dead players, consistent game crashes and many many more. I’m not entirely sure how they messed the game up so badly to start. Granted that most of the issues are no dealt with, some smaller issues still remain! EA have been investigated by their share holders as a result of this and hopefully the effect of poor publicity will make them work harder on all future games.

GTA V was another game that fell foul of issues, however the issues only started when the online aspect was started. They started with severe issues with servers and after that they experience some niggles with areas of cars getting deleted. Rockstar North combated this quite quickly and issued some free money to all players and continue to dish out free content almost every 2 months.

Ah well, developers will eventually learn to make a game work from day one, It seems that game developers have become to accustomed to updating games at later dates, it seems like an extreme issue when games are released with a day one update, It makes no sense to me and probably a lot of others. Remember when games came out and worked with very few issues, they couldn’t be updated to developers worked hard on them! Lets go back to those times!

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