White PS4 and Xbox One

Playstation and Microsoft are releasing white versions of their most recent consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One respectively. The greatest question with this is… why? Some people will trade in their original consoles just to have something different.

A white PS4 or Xbox One will perform exactly the same as their black counterparts, its just the illusion of something new that makes people want to exchange. My other point of interest on this topic is that I never really look at my console, it stays on a shelf beneath the TV and with the previous Generation the Xbox 360 was originally white and then a black version was made.

Granted the white does look very sleek, but that’s all it does for itself, the white versions are a way for Playstation and Microsoft to charge the most they can for a longer period of time! And too many people fall into the trap every time it happens! (The xbox 360 Elite was a step up for storage though!)

A white controller I will say is quite cool but it can get very VERY dirty. If you are the type of person that gives their controller a wipe over every couple of days then a white controller can work for you. If you leave it, it will quickly turn a horrible colour and generally look pretty ugly.

White is generally quite stylish at this moment in time, the 2010’s have been the decade of the white cars so far, so maybe white consoles could make a big splash too. However, it really doesn’t matter what your console looks like, the performance is the same, don’t waste your money unless you use your console as decoration!


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