World Cup Sportsmanship

The world cup has been alive for nearly a week, almost all countries have played their first games and I have a rather large issue with the majority of the players attitudes towards sportsmanship.

It all started on day one, Brazil’s Fred  flopped to the floor like a sack of potatoes very much untouched and this act turned into a penalty. Possibly making this worse is the fact that he has defended himself claiming it was not a dive! I’m still unsure with what the referee saw, but I worry that Brazil will get multiple decisions like this going their way.

Another high profile issue came in the Germany v Portugal game, firstly the Penalty was extremely soft again, there was a pull on the shoulder of Mueller, yet it didn’t appear enough to even make you stumble, let alone get pulled to the floor! This wasn’t the only issue with the game however. Again, Mueller was involved faking getting elbowed in the face by Pepé, this caused an over-reaction by Pepé as he headbutted Mueller who at that point had a miraculous recovery after holding his face like he had just been shot.

These are just the highest profile issues so far, there has been many issues of flops and drops around loads of games, there seems to be a record amount of penalties, possibly averaging one penalty a day!

Sportsmanship seems to be at an all time low, players are very content with diving, pretending to get elbowed in the face in attempted to gain penalty’s and red cards for opposing players. It would appear that sportsmanship in football is now left to the minority, FIFA do very little to stop this even though they have the power of video replays (or do they know that technology is available to them?).

If I was FIFA president, I would introduce a stepping fine for players who dive, I would make it a percentage of wage based so the law can be used through all professional divisions. First offence would be a fine of 10% of wage, then they step up in 10% increments.

Diving is ridiculous, it makes the sport look bad for everyone, divers should be labelled cheats and it certainly shouldn’t be considered “part of the game”. Stop the rediculous decisions, make football fair, fine the divers, and start to consider video replay challenges as well!

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