Hello, I’m Dan, 23, from West Kirby, Wirral. Welcome to the Boo Tube, a place where I write all things gaming and technology, among a few other things.  I Write for Previous Magazine, founded by Hammy Havoc. My girlfriend Alice Jones is a Digital Account Manager for a company called The Bigger Boat, she is pretty cool.

I have been into gaming since I can remember, starting with the Super Nintendo. It was love at first sight, gaming became a big part of my daily routine. From PC to Console to handheld I play it all.

Technology has always interested me, mainly due to my love for Formula 1, wanting to know how things work and what finding what the best of something may be is intriguing. I have recently built a PC to fill my technology itch and I recommend to anyone to try it yourself, it is a very rewarding experience!

Alongside writing I will be making YouTube videos in the form of Let’s Plays, some will be me alone, some will be with friends. As a Machinima partnered channel they will be easy to find too. Hopefully they will be enjoyable to watch as well as funny! Videos will be linked into articles when available I hope you enjoy reading and watching my content as I enjoy making them, stay tuned, big things are coming.

Stay Awesome.