The Beauty of SSX Soundtracks

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 What makes the SSX games work? Some say the whacky gameplay, some may say the artwork but everyone agrees the the soundtrack on these games is consistently fantastic. Taking the game that is very good and pushing it to being a classic. Its like when you actually go skiing or snowboarding, its great fun, but music makes everything better!

Everyone has the song that they remember each game for, the song that is in my head right now is Young Blood by Naked and Famous on the latest SSX. Its most likely how it started a game, its mixed in such a way that it gives you goose bumps as you are about to shoot down the mountain, well, thats what music does to you! I’m sure the most recent SSX would not be as good a game without the help of a fantastic soundtrack, and the best part about the music is that it remixes to you racing, and the accented “its tricky” will remind fans of the series of the ever popular SSX Tricky.




SSX 3 features a soundtrack of predominately remixed tracks, but when the original artists are the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fatboy Slim and Yellowcard you know that the developers have been doing their music research in the best way possible. The music isn’t mainstream and that’s what makes it memorable, you can place your finger on where you heard that certain song which sparks nostalgia!




The point of this blog is basically to say that some games are remembered because their soundtracks make the game that much more memorable, everyone could identify the chilling sounds of Halo, yes its a very different piece of music, but it makes the game experience better. SSX has just done this in a much more high tempo way! And I love it!

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