Battlefield 4 Challenges

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 Battlefield 4 is quickly becoming a very playable game, the developers have fixed most of the bugs and the frustrations of the release version are long behind us! I’m doing one for Battlefield 4 as the possibilities in the game are seemingly limitless! this is just a quick 5
  1. Get a road kill with a jet… Prepare to have a very, very bad game!
  2. Parachute from an air vehicle into a friendly chopper below you.
  3. The classic “Jihad Jeep” (C4 your jeep, drive toward a tank, jump out so the jeep will crash into the tank then blow the C4).
  4. Shoot someone’s mines whilst they are being placed
  5. Shoot a pilot out of a helicopter. Optional: Take it when it lands.
These are just a quick five challenges I thought of for now, if you have any challenge ideas put them in the comments below, they may come into a youtube video soon!

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