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The reveal trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 went up today… I’m skeptical at best, the odds of me buying this installment of COD went down from questionable to doubtful quite quickly as the trailer went on.

I played Advanced Warfare and hated it, the singleplayer was pretty good and was definitely the better aspect of the game in my opinion, the bad part of the game? Those god damn stupid exo suits that created weird combat that just got annoying rather than made it more fun. I know the majority of my friends felt the same way about COD: AW, and even the ones who like it know that COD AW is possibly the worst of the series.

From what I can tell, the COD Black Ops 3 reveal shows that Call of Duty is not listening to fans, or they believe that double jump booster packs are the way to go. I feel that COD needs to go back to its roots, simple perks, simple gun attachments and simple kill streaks. Simplicity makes multiplayer fun, play Counter Strike if you want a simple, straight out shooter game to play!

The problem that I feel COD has come against is that they have saturated their own market, releasing a game year after year is great for sales, but the games get really stale, the only reason they seem to be popular is because of the name “Call of Duty”, take that away and the last few games have been pretty average at best. Black Ops 3 also looks very Titanfall esque, double jumps and wall running! We all know how that game went

The direction Call of Duty needs to take for people who are getting bored of the series is to switch to a bi-annual release giving each developer SIX whole years to develop a game. That way the games would be fully polished and wonderfully created. However, I fear that the dollar signs may be too much for the series to give up on.


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