DLC, is it always worth it?

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Downloadable content or DLC has fast become the norm for most developers to bring to their games, in some cases this is great, bringing whole new worlds to a game that would previously be left to dust. In other cases, the DLC seems to bring limited extra content.


Borderlands 2 had one the the best DLC offers for the price, a season pass costing £40 got you 5 extra stories which were based in completely new areas! Each campaign was unique and bought extra items to the game aswell! The gameplay of each DLC was around 5 hours each of main missions and around 3 hours each for side missions. So for $40 you get around 40 hours of gameplay, theres a lot of bang for your buck here

Some DLC seems pointless however, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion offered an extremely pointless DLC of horse armour… why on earth would anyone want this!? Paying £1.50 for something purely aesthetic seems a bit pointless, and really didn’t change the gameplay in anyvway! Pointless may be an understatement there.

Some of the more pointless DLC comes from racing games, paying a lot of money for new cars seems impractical considering that the big games Forza and Gran Turismo come with more cars than you know what to do with! I agree, some cars are so special that you cant help but feel that playing a game will be as close as you will get to driving it! Most of the cars though… not worth spending money on.

DLC Quest is a game that makes fun of Developers using DLC as a way to make money out of releasing their games early, in some ways it makes a really good point of some content which may be made out as “essential” but in reality is pointless. It also highlights the games that need a day one patch for it to be playable. *cough* skyrim *cough*

 For DLC to be worth while for single player games it should follow the borderlands method of DLC, new stories, new worlds, more content. I had a blast playing through Borderlands 2 DLC, it was fresh and offered more game instead of claiming to be a new game. Some small extras can be worthwhile if they offer a changeup in gameplay, however some games offer too much extra content and most of it could easily be released with the full game.

DLC will never go away, it just needs to be relevant and new, adding more to the game making me want to play it more!


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