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Free to play games on mobile phones are quickly becoming the most popular games worldwide. This could be viewed as a major breakthrough for the gaming industry, free games equals more gamers which could make more serious gamers and possibly game developers.

The most popular free to play game over the past year has been candy crush saga… ugh! Firstly I want to point out that the developers (king) stole the idea of this game from an individual developer who created his version “candyswipe” in 2010. Following on from this there has been a legal debate about trademarks and its all complicated because its legal (sigh). Basically the big company is pushing the little guy around.


Candyswipe                    Candy Crush


Now for the main reason for this blog, free to play games are the greatest con in life, its branded on the app store/google play/app social as FREE. This seems great at first however it gets ruined by the game not exactly being playable if you don’t buy extra lives. When I buy a game i would like to play it for as long as I like, when I like! Candy crush wants me to buy lives or harass my friends into playing it, NO, not cool! When your friends stop giving you loves theres an option to buy lives… on this game that was meant to be free… thanks king. $0.99 seems cheap, but when a game was meant to be free it seems steep.

 Although i dislike candy crush, i have seen much worse for the free to play games, the best example for this is Dungeon Keeper which was a fantastic game for pc, when they brought it to phones however, they ruined it!

 In dungeon keeper you must dig out areas to create an area for monsters to live, you play against an A.I. in a strategy type of game, so speed is needed. if you try to dig out a block it will make you wait 24 hours till its done… it was instant in the PC game. You can speed it up using gems, and when you can buy 500 it seems like a lot… but not so! you use about 250 gems to instantly finish the dig, so each block is £1.50… Aparently the most popular option is 2,500 gems for £13.99, which will get you a total of 10 blocks dug out… Its definitely not worth £13.

Theres a simple alternative to this, pay for a full game and PLEASE don’t buy micro transactions, they are ruining the gaming industry as these are being placed into full games now too. You can buy the original PC game for around £7, it plays the same and will be more enjoyable and cheaper!

 Rant OVER!

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