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When I play GTA Online, the game type I play the most is races. This is because I really enjoy GTA races, and the payout and experience is pretty good, especially for the winner. Here are some GTA race tips.

The only issue with racing on GTA is the people, they are either really bad, or actively look to spin you for no reason but personal enjoyment. So I thought I would help some people with simple tips to go faster and stay out of trouble.

  1. STAY OUT OF THE FIRST CORNER SMASH. The first corner is a definite smash-up waiting to happen in every GTA race, particularly when there are 16 cars going into a tight corner, the best way to ensure safety in these situations is to place your car on the outside or inside of the track. The crashes almost always happen in the middle, 90% of the time being on the sides will keep you out of harms way, just remember to slow down and try not to cut across the track on the exit.
  2. USE THE RACING LINE. It surprises me how little people know of the optimum racing line. Most players race with little idea of how to do it well. You want to make the corner as open as possible, you do this by going from the outside to the inside of the corner (apex) back to the outside. You will find that you exit speed will improve a lot from this.
  3. EXIT SPEED IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CORNER SPEED. What I mean by this is that most people throw a car into the corner a excessive speed and loose all the momentum from siding. The optimum way to race is to not slide, a sliding car is a slow car in most cases. (You will need a handbrake for hairpins though, most cars don’t have the turning circle to manoeuvre them effectively.) Slow down more for the entry of the corner and accelerate through the turn, you will have a lot more speed through the rest of the track this way.
  4. ACCEPT BEING OVERTAKEN WHEN CATCHUP IS ON. Don’t swerve side to side, trying to break the slipstream, it doesn’t work well and will most likely end it you and the car behind spinning off. You will get your chance a overtake the car that has just gone past, its how catchup works, however you should try and block when its the final straight!
  5. HOW TO REACT TO A RACE TROLL. When someone is actively looking to spin you, the easiest way to avoid contact/being spun is by braking. If the troll keeps attempting to spin you then you have my permission to spin them out. However, don’t assume that they are out to spin you, sometimes they may have been hit into the situation, its not nice being blamed for something out of your control.
  6. SLIPSTREAMING IS EFFECTIVE. Use it effectively to control the race from the front, with catchup it is sometimes better to wait behind first place till the last possible moment. 
  7. USE THE BEST CARS. Make sure you have the best cars for each race, don’t use a Sandking for off road, use a Sanchez or a Bifta. Most Super cars are closely matched, the Zentorno is my personal choice. Muscle cars are between the Ruiner, Dominator or Gauntlet. Sports cars are closely matched, the Elegy is the easiest to drive, then the Jester and Feltzer are close behind, with the Massacro. The only Sports Classic you should use is the Monroe, the Z-type got its stats reduced. Motorbikes are a toss up between the Akuma and Bati 801, its personal preference there. For Sedans I use a Schafter and coupe’s an Exemplar.

Hopefully with these GTA race tips you should find yourself higher up the leaderboards at the end of games. GTA V races should become a much funner experience as well.

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