Is this the End of Consoles?

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PS 4.5 and Xbox Next are seeming extremely likely as the rumours grow and grow, less than 3 years after the initial release of the Xbox One and PS4 could these consoles be the end of consoles as we know them?


If the rumours are true then the “next gen” consoles as they were dubbed at the time will quickly become obsolete, developers will drop them and you will have a nice paper weight to stare at and wonder what the hell happened. The advancement of technology is so fast right now that after about 2 years the technology used is out of date, and the technology in the PS4 and Xbox One wasn’t exactly staggering in the first place! Because Nvidia, AMD and Intel are generally pumping out new upgraded components each year for PC, the components in consoles quickly get left behind. There is around a 20-30% increase in performance each year for graphics cards, consider that the consoles had average graphics cards to start with and you start to see where the issue lies! Something to note is that the top end graphics cards are generally seen as overkill, particularly the Nvidia Titan cards and AMD’s R9 295X2 are powerful enough to power London! (totally not exaggerated…)


There were rumours even before the Xbox One’s release that it could be Microsofts final console and with sales struggling against Sony’s Playstation 4 and the obvious lack of gaming power behind both of them you can start to see that it may be a good idea for them to stop, especially if the rumour of an upgradable console becomes a fact! Then you might as well have a mid range PC that you can upgrade! Building a PC is easier than you would think and very rewarding (plus games are cheaper generally). Plus they can look really good!

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