Jason Mraz, YES!

Jason Mraz is back, the single Love Someone has been released on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5LsjYPPgEk). This new album is promoted as being completely acoustically recorded, which is great as Jason Mraz is best when he’s playing accoustcally.

The Album will be called YES! which Jason said he hoped that when people listened to it they would “be like, YES!” There are a few previews of songs you can find around Youtube, most are poor quality from him playing gigs, but you get the idea. Love someone has been officially released as a single, its beautiful, sounds like his older live sets he used to do, and the backing vocals by Raining Jane are wonderful

Anything Jason Mraz does accoustic is beautiful and relaxing. I’m counting down the days till 15th of July for the album release. It should be Brilliant!

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