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Peggle 2 is probably one of the most under-rated games on the Xbox One, its a very accessible game that is very family oriented, however it is set up well for hardcore gamers too! (UPDATE – Now available for Xbox 360)


Peggle uses 5 Characters, each have a different special ability which can be obtained by hitting one of 2 purple pegs in a level. The variation in characters keeps game play fresh and entertaining, and I found that different characters where better in different levels, however in multiplayer you need to pick whichever one suits your style best. The scoring is simple, your aim is to hit all the orange pegs (25) which improve your multiplier, blue pegs are purely for getting bigger multiplier scores.

Peggle 2 masters the art of blending easy game play yet making it extremely hard to master it fully. What do I mean exactly, you may ask… Well Peggle is addictive from the get go, you can play through it for hours and not get bored of the new levels and the occasional struggle that the challenge levels give you.

The challenge of peggle lies in doing 100% of the objectives, which sounds easy when there’s only 3 per level, however, these objectives are some of the most difficult challenges I’ve encountered in a video game! I thought I played

the game well the first time through, I found that i had completed less than 30% of the objectives, that hurts!


The colours of the game are mesmerising, different backgrounds with the pegs dotted around the level give it a unique beauty that can only be appreciated fully through game play. Everything is where you expect it to be, its easy to track your score and ball count, you can also check the level objectives by pressing the menu button. The games soundtrack is fantastic, a blend of easy to listen sounds that react to pegs being hit, not to mention the classic track that plays at the completion of a level, I won’t spoil it, its a lot of fun!


The multiplayer is engaging and different, you have no chance of gaining free balls, its a straight up 10 balls, highest score wins. The only issue I had with the multiplayer, apart from occasional server issues, was that the winner was sometimes determined by who got their ball in the middle bucket at the end. Scoring 50,000 points swings a game dramatically. This didn’t happen all the time, but can be a little frustrating when its determined on luck!

Thanks for readingPeggle 2 is a great game, I highly recommend it, its cheap and provides a long game with more challenges than you can imagine, good luck finishing it 100%! A very well designed with beautiful artwork and sounds, and easy to pick up and hard to master game play it makes a worthy investment.

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