“New” Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have had their 3DS line rolling since 2011, every year since Nintendo have decided to release redefined versions of the console which improve the consumer experience. Nintendo have now announced the 4th version of the 3DS which will in turn make the older versions obsolete.

The Nintendo 3DS has been a popular product for good reason, the Pokemon games. Nintendo have redefined the console with minor tweaks, the 3DS XL for those who want a bigger screen or a bigger console to hold onto. The 2DS was a very clever move as there were a lot of people who complained that the 3D screen hurt their eyes. I fully sympathise with the people who struggle with the 3D screen, The 2DS made the console more widely usable, a fair move by Nintendo.

The “new” 3DS  could be labelled as the £D$, a complete money making scheme. The idea of the “new” is to bring in a second thumbstick that will be just above the AXBY buttons. This thumbstick is to make games like super smash bros easier to play, aswell as acting as a camera button. The “C” thumbstick is more like a button than a button and is closely related to the old Gamecubes Controller C Stick

​Nintendo Just Announced a New 3DS. It Has Another Analog Stick.

They have also announced that there will be “Z” buttons on the back, presumably to make the console more closely related to a controller. I understand why they want to add more controls to the console, a lack of controls makes gameplay restricted.

​Nintendo Just Announced a New 3DS. It Has Another Analog Stick.

Along with extra controls, the 3D screen has been improved to take away the “sweet spot” area, so viewing a 3DS from the side wont be blurry.

​Nintendo Just Announced a New 3DS. It Has Another Analog Stick.

However, all these additions make the older 3DS consoles outdated. Developers will make games for the console with more available to it. The console isn’t more powerful than it’s predecessors, it has only has an improved CPU for downloading content quicker, and they have added external storage in the form of a micro SD slot.

Apart from the small improvements they havn’t helped the majority of 3DS owners who won’t want to make the switch. Nintendo would have annoyed less people by announcing this as a completely new console. There are already exclusives announced for the new 3DS and the amount will only increase as time goes on. The release date is late 2014 for Japan and sometime in 2015 for everywhere else, so your 3DS still has some life left in it, just don’t be surprised if you can’t find any compatibly games in the future.

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