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The Overwatch is out and its popularity and hype seems to have been justified. Overwatch has been online for a couple of weeks time and it has been extremely successful already with over 7 million players.


Overwatch may just take the First Person Shooter genre in a new direction going back to the older times of having different set class characters instead of options a plenty as seen in recent Call of Duty or Battlefield games where everyone is pretty similar for the most part. Overwatch brings 21 (more to come as free DLC down the line) characters, split into 4 categories, Attack, Defence, Tank and support, each character feels completely unique. Each character has positive aspects as well as drawbacks, Tracer, as the poster girl of the game is an absolute nightmare to deal with for Bastion but she’s relatively easy to deal with for characters that can take her damage like Roadhog although smart Tracer players will avoid the tanks and just go for disruptive game play that’s one of the best parts of Overwatch, the stress of the game is (for most players) objective focused and not a battle for most eliminations, you can’t even see other players kills and deaths which is really helpful as you do concentrate in playing a team role.



As I have just said, team play is the absolute key to Overwatch which also means that picking a team that complements each other well is key, there is no point throwing 4 Widowmakers in an attacking team because they won’t even pressure the objective and having 5 Tracers at any time is not clever either, the enemy team will adjust and hurt you for it.  Adjusting your team in Overwatch is extremely important, picking a hero that counters the enemies heroes and vice versa, it can become a game of chess in a way! Also it really helps playing support, yes it may not be the glory kill class that everyone wants to play but in reality you will win games by being support by virtue of just healing your team during and between fights.



So what makes Overwatch so good? It feels different from regular FPS games and every game does feel completely different as you will pretty much never play the same with or against the same 6 heroes and the composition changes all the time so your role will probably change too, it makes you think as a team and not just as an individual, team wipes are great but they are also useless if you are away from an objective etc. Also the graphics are fantastic, I love the cartoon like art style going on, it fits the game really well! Plus the back story of characters adds that little bit of depth and fun to the game! Just buy it, I guarantee you will have a blast.

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