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I’m not a huge fan of the season pass, I’m not really a fan of a lot of DLC, particularly the ones that literally add a skin to your gun… Looking at you Call of Duty!

10 years ago DLC didn’t exist, mainly due to bandwidth and download limits, back then you had the option to buy expansion packs. Pretty similar to GTA’s stories expansions. Expansion packs bought you tons of content, pretty much like a new game, even the original Sims did it well, adding plenty of objects and areas with each of the many expansions (they were all awesome!)

First Person Shooters seem to do the worst DLC, its consistently 4 “new” maps, of which one is probably a re-make. Thanks for putting a texture layer over an old map, that must have taken loads of work! To make things worse they try and add a weapon or 2 and try to sweeten the deal. At $15 per pack, making it $60 overall, the season pass seems like a bargain, but being priced £50 its not much of a saving, and you have no option a getting out.

Some DLC is good though, GTA V has been adding free DLC since release, they havn’t been adding new areas, just new vehicles, weapons, clothing, missions etc. Its good to see a developer throw out content to keep people going back to the game. At least most games don’t give you the same game and change small things like DLC, Saints Row 4 did this, it was pretty much Saints Row the Third with some extra content, definitely not worth $50.



I think I will end my little rant here, I don’t like DLC when it doesn’t offer me a lot of new content, 4 maps is not enough, especially when the game doesn’t work like BF4. I definitely don’t like being kept in by a season pass, its unfair to loyal players to force them to buy a game, then fork out the price of a game straight away for DLC. Until the whole gaming community turns, nothing will happen, unfortunately we will be forced to pay big prices for small updates for a long time.


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