Top 10 Local Co-op Games (Xbox 360)

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This list is my opinion of the top Co-op games on the Xbox 360 based on my experience. I have used games as series to stop myself repeating a game from the same series multiple times. I have played lots of co-op games with friends both locally and via Xbox live. I find co-op games extremely fun when I’m looking for a non competitive game session. Without further ado the list…

10.  The Outfit

This may come as a surprise to most, but The Outfit gave me one of the most enjoyable experiences playing co-op ever. It was released back in 2006 and went fairly under the radar. Definitely worth a cheap pick-up if you want a different co-op game.


9. Gears of War (Series)

Gears of War set the bar for third person shooters when it bought of the first of the series. Since then it has been slightly downhill, the later games lack innovation and the story of the first game was the best. They are very pretty games though and great fun to play with a buddy


8.  Lego Games (They are all awesome)

If at any point you want an amazing casual game, look no further than a Lego game. There’s plenty of choice and all play in their own unique way. Each Lego game puts a unique comedy look into the movie(s) its based off and the replay-ability makes it a multiple hour game. It plays ten times better with a friend too! BONUS!



7. Army of Two

I don’t know why anyone would play a game called “Army of Two” on their own. Army of Two brought a new look at how co-operative games should work. It was great how it forced you to work together to get through stages, the use of aggro made you look at different ways to look at how to get through a level. Definitely worth a go for any co-op game lovers.


6. Dead Island

I could just say its a 4 player zombie co-op game that’s close to free roam. If you, like me played this alone the first time, you probably hated this game, it sucked on solo. I implore you to give Dead Island a second look and play it with a couple of friends, it gives the game a totally different feel, makes some parts easier and makes it way more fun!



5. Castle Crashers

One of my favourite games from XBLA. Castle Crashers balances fun and difficulty very well, its one of those special games that is easy to play but difficult to master. It plays up to 4 players at once and there’s a choice of character to suit your style. If you want a final sell point, you can level up too



4. Portal 2

Its portal, but you have to work together sounds perfect to me. A fun puzzle game that eases up the difficulty as you go along. Its a great added extra to a great game.



3. Left 4 dead 1&2

Another 4 player zombie game, but Left 4 Dead is a linear game which can end up becoming extremely manic. Left 4 Dead games give a great variation of how to play, together, or leave your friends for… dead. Perfect


2. Borderlands 1&2

Borderlands is much better with friends. It is a funky looking games and uses wit to draw players in. Its a really long game without counting the DLC so there’s plenty to do in it.



1. Halo (series)

Anyone who has owned an Xbox 360 has probably owned a Halo game. The long continuing story keeps you gripped if you have been playing since Halo: Combat Evolved. Each Halo game has a special wow moment, its always much cooler to experience with a friend too!



Co-op games need a small revival soon, they are slowly being removed from games, particularly local co-op.

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