Valentines Day is to Companion Cube

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Valentines day… the day of showing love and playing co-op games. Yes  Co-op games, what better way to show your relationship strength than playing some games together and showing teamwork.

Find a game that you and your partner both like and play it, you never know, you may introduce eachother to a new brilliant game. My girlfriend, Alice Jones and I always play Lego games together, that is our game that we both like, we have completed 2 Lego games so far and we are half way through our third. Lego games are great as they aren’t too serious but do require teamwork and communication.

As it’s valentines day, a post wouldn’t be a post without mentioning the brilliant companion cube. If you happen to be lonely this valentines day, never threat, play some portal and the companion cube will be happy to be with you throughout the game. The companion cube will stay with you, sit on buttons and do whatever you want or need to get through the game. The companion cube loves you, never forget that

Happy Valentines day readers (just a short one this time).

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