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2015 seems to be the year of virtual reality headsets being announced and released, the talks of the future of gaming being through virtual reality headsets seems very real, however, your standard setup should never have to worry!

Virtual headsets are cool, I have used an Oculus Rift at the Gadget Show Live with a development game that was basically just an exploration game of a small village. I started on the top floor of a house and when I walked down the stairs, my stomach dropped, its that immersive.  If you haven’t played a game using a virtual reality headset of any form then you can’t judge it. The Oculus Rift is a fantastic piece of kit, and the version I used was only a development kit. The room for improvement is high, with better screens and more accurate motion trackers being high on the list of necessary improvements, but the concept works great

Its strange that something that is, in theory, so simple; a headset with a screen for each eye with motion control. its taken till 2014/2015 for it to become something that is wanted by a lot of gamers. And to back up the demand, there are alot of new virtual reality headsets in development.

For Virtual Reality to work, games need to support the software. Just like games supporting 3d, Virtual Reality will need the same support. Happily, it seems like Virtual Reality has a lot of backing, considering Oculus Rift was a Kickstarter project. There are plenty of Youtubers who use Oculus Rift developer versions and give the company helpful feedback on the games that have support. Even better, the modding community has come in with some games and created mods that allow some games to support a virtual reality headset, which is really quite cool!

I look forward to having the possibility to own one too, but currently my PC will not work to well with it, I am in need of upgrading my PC before i consider getting into the Virtual Reality scene, but when I do, I know it will be something completely fresh and feel like a new wave of gaming.

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