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The Australian Grand Prix is fast approaching, the Formula 1 2016 season is about to start so naturally, some Formula 1 Predictions have to come in!


1 – Mercedes AMG

Mercedes are ultra reliable this year, breaking down once in pre-season testing and having to double up driver shifts each day as they completed close to 100 laps each, each day! That’s crazy when you consider that other teams struggled to get close to 100 laps for the whole day! Alongside this reliability the Mercedes AMG F1 car seems to be very quick, I believe the team has sandbagged considerably during testing like they seems to do during practice sessions, each race last season Ferrari seemed close during practice and then dropped away during the main event.


2 – Scuderia Ferrari

Yes yes yes, I know Ferrari topped the time sheets 7 out of 8 times during pre season testing, but they set times on tyre compounds 2 tiers faster than anything Mercedes even bothered touching, the ultrasoft and supersoft tyres won’t be used in Spain so those times aren’t relevant and the soft times are close to Mercedes, and Mercedes have the advantage on mediums. Ferrari traditionally like to go fast out the blocks so the car probably doesn’t have much more to give until upgrades come onto it, plus the engine seemed to have quite a few niggles that will need sorting if the Prancing horse wants to climb back onto the top step.

red bull

3 – Red Bull Aston Martin

Red Bull take back a podium spot in constructors as they get reliability back from the engine with arguably the best aero package on the grid, expect a strong close to the season and potential wins at Monaco and Singapore. That matte finish too!


4 – Williams

Williams will not be able to cope with the budgets of the top 3 teams and drop to a respectable 4th, still a very strong car but not developing like the top cars and in danger of being caught by more


5 – Mclaren Honda

Honda learnt to hone their engine whilst Mclaren spend spend spend on the aero package, another car that will have a much stronger finish as the engine improves through the season.

force india

6 – Force India

The pluckiest team on the grid can’t stay above Mclaren this year but they will put up a heck of a fight! Expect a couple of podiums this year, they always seem to steal a couple

torro rosso

7 – Torro Rosso 

The Red Bull Junior team will probably continue to struggle with reliability problems that seem to always hamper them. There will be some brilliant drives from their young duo of Sainz and Verstappen who will probably outdrive the car.


8 – Haas

The new boys on the grid will probably turn a few heads and hopefully pave the way for more teams to enter F1 after the disastrous 3 entrants from 2010! Haas will probably end the season consistently fighting for the lower end of the points, the start of the season will likely be a learning curve for them as they learn the ways of the F1 circus.


9 – Sauber

Sauber will struggle again this season, they are already struggling to pay staff and I don’t see the budget issue changing at any point! It is a shame as there is great potential in Nasr.


10 – Renault

The new works team are expecting a tough season and it will probably be as tough as they come. A season of learning and engine developing is the dish of the year for Renault, expect them to fight in a few seasons time. Check out the yellow car this year too! Nice to see some variation of colour coming in.


11 – Manor

What can be said about Manor, no budget and probably no development through the year spells last place, they may be able to steal a point if they get extremely lucky though.


World Champion – Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes will probably dominate and Lewis will edge out Nico again, Lewis is a better overall driver and he doesn’t crack under pressure, Nico can be extremely good but fails when he needs to perform most.

One to watch – Kimi Raikonnen

Everyone has their eye on Vettel to steal the party from Mercedes but Kimi has a good chance this year, the car seems to suit him more and he can hopefully give Seb a run for his money.


What do you think this year holds? Have a different pecking order? Let me know!


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