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Video games are slowly but surely becoming movies more often now, or at least live action. It’s a pretty cool step for the gaming industry, growing and expanding into new industries is a great way to ensure developers keep going (and only the good ones will get movies too!).

Gearbox are fun developers, you may be able to tell from their Borderlands game that they can make great games, but they have a knack of making them funny with great gameplay and story to go alongside it, it’s in your face funny and out right ridiculous at times. A movie will really help the franchise grow, we may possibly delve into more depth of some of the characters, who will play the roles of the supporting cast? There are some questions that need to be answered well, but that will be for the screen writers to deal with.

Another noteworthy game that became a short series is Halo, with Forward unto Dawn. Halo has always seems to always be surrounded by movie rumours, and why not? The story of the games (for Halo 1, 2, 3 and Reach) were brilliant, the second trilogy is yet to make too much impact with where its going, it could flop but I’m hoping it won’t!

What people must remember is that games are basically interactive movies, you play the starring role (on most occasions) and you must play a tracked storyline, or create your own story in cases like the Elder Scrolls. Games have become even more interactive in this sense since the creation of TellTale Games. TellTale games are the ultimate interactive story, the cross between watching and playing, you change the story ever so slightly with decisions and it brings your further into the game than any other game can, its such a simple idea but it is hard to execute as the story must be good.

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