Halo ODST Remastered for MMC

Halo ODST will be remastered for Halo Master Chief Collection next year as an apology for a poor release of the broken game.


No time-scale has been put on the remastered yet, but a release a couple of months prior to Halo 5 would fit quite well into 343 Studios marketing plan.

Halo’s first instalment where Master Chief is not the main protaganist, you play as “The Rookie”, a lowly Orbital Drop Shock Trooper soldier dropped into hell, looking for clues to where his squad have gone, once you find a clue you play flashback missions as the missing soldier. Halo ODST is unique as you can play the story in any way, missions can be played in any order.


Only Reach to go!


With Halo ODST will come Firefight, a survival wave game type. This will add a great layer into an already fantastic game for content, 343 Studios need to fix a few bugs still, but I am looking forward to playing Halo ODST.
Only Reach needs remastering now!

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