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Everyone loves the new game feeling, you load it up for the first time filled with excitement. You are about to start up a multiplayer game for the first time and BAM, the servers fail. New game servers have always been weak and I have never fully understood why.

Game developers know that servers will have a pretty high load during the first couple of days of play, this has happened to me with multiple games over the year, including Battlefield 4 (EA always seem to have poor servers to start), any FIFA game has issues throughout its whole life span. I have been playing Madden 15 recently and the game struggles to allow me to play online connected franchise games against the A.I.

Most recently my frustrations have turned to Halo Master Chief Collection, a game I have been looking forward to playing for a long time, especially Halo 1 and 2 online. But alas I try to search for a game and nothing happens, and the original fix failed too, over a week of having played about 5 online games total. Custom games do work but its extremely hard to get people into a roster and keep them there for a decent amount of time.

Call of Duty AW had a similar issue at the start where the servers couldn’t handle the amount of traffic going through the game, this is from a game that has had 8 previous instalments of high traffic. I wonder if developers don’t learn from their previous issues, or if servers just suffer from issues with loading at the start,

Games are starting to get so much money from DLC that they should be able to give back to the gamers and give us some nice servers from day one, normally we get some kind of useless reward for getting a game day one, but most of us would prefer to play the game from day one without issue

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