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Rainbow Six Siege has released, one of the best franchises returns with quite a different look, it’s gone through vigorous testing after having one closed alpha and two closed beta’s which essentially turned into open beta’s and the result is pretty damn good.

It must be said straight away, Rainbow Six Siege is best enjoyed with friends, you can play with strangers in multiplayer and you can do the ten situations or terrorist hunts alone as well, but eventually you will be frustrated by poor team mates and you will likely feel like there is a lack of depth to the game. Rainbow Six Siege comes alive when teamwork is used, which means you need some friends buddy! It’s not a bad game when played alone, but the lack of communication due to random team-mates being in private parties are not having microphones plugged in take away the tactical teamwork aspect of the game, which is the most important aspect.

The Rainbow Six Siege is no where near the best looking game, it’s quite blocky and textures look closer to the previous generation than this current generation, where Siege makes up for this is the catastrophic destruction that can be caused to each map, a perfectly good house can go from a pretty perfect family home to looking more like a building site very quickly as walls are floors/ceilings are blown to pieces leaving just the bare bones of the house. It is wonderful and can completely change how the game is being played, suddenly a safe place in a room becomes alarmingly exposed leaving you with a choice of moving into gunfire or staying put and potentially being hunted down.

Everything you do in Siege carries a consequence, if you move somewhere you make noise and alert the enemy that you are nearby, shoot through a wall and expect bullets to come straight back at you, blow up a window or wall… you get the idea. This is why you need team-mates, to coordinate your attack and hopefully catch your enemy unaware, believe me, if two or three breaches happen at the same time, as a defender you will feel disoriented as shrapnel and wood fly around and you have to choose where to look (which is where communication helps!).

Rainbow Six Siege does not have a proper single player campaign, but it does come with Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 which slightly makes up for it, aswell as the situations which bring a good hour of gaming which leads to Article 5 (find out about that yourself). The content of the game may be a little slim, 10 maps and no campaign seems like a rip off but remember, all the DLC for at least a year will be free so Rainbow Six Siege has a chance of doubling in size in a years time.

Controls of a first person shooter game are rarely much to shout about, Rainbow Six Siege is no different, its your basic controls with leaning added to the mix, which is a must if you want to survive. Something to note, the settings have thumbstick deadzone settings, you will want to probably bring your right thumbstick deadzone down to 5 from 10, it makes the game feel much less sluggish

The sounds of Siege are incredible! Theres something unnerving as a defender when you are in a room and you can hear footsteps above you, outside rappelling the wall or outside the door, the intensity it brings is fantastic and I guess thats what Siege really brings to the table. Unlike Cod and other first person shooters, Siege doesn’t need to be constantly engaged in fire fights to have a good time, the thrill of setting up defenses, searching for a bomb/hostage, talking tactics with your team keeps you engaged the whole time,  and when you’re dead, look at cameras and relay enemy positions, you are never truly out of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege takes an idea of a counter terrorism game, and makes one of the best first person shooter experiences in recent memory, the gameplay feels so fresh and the game modes are so intense that its a must buy if you can get your friends together to play it. On the flip side, playing alone is pretty terrible and makes the game feel pretty poor, its a game purely dependant on your friends and communication, which makes for a very different game!

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