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Video games are sometimes made famous by having brilliant secrets hidden throughout their worlds, however secrets seem to becoming few and far between.

Firstly the two BEST complete games for Easter eggs throughout

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I could put Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 in separetly but as I can roll them all into one, then why not! Halo’s easter eggs range from simple to find, to near impossible, ranging from the obvious writing on the wall like Meg and Rex to symbols on shells. Even the Skulls are techinically easter eggs, and that has become a staple of Halo since the second game! Halo has come such a long way that it even puts some of the easter eggs as achievements/trophies. Yes, easter egg hunting becomes rewarding! WIN WIN!


GTA V has so many Easter eggs it’s a little bit mental. There are countless movie references ontop of multiple unique Easter eggs. GTA V has a large amount of alien Easter eggs starting right from the beginning under some ice, in the movie studios and multiple clues pointing toward a larger easter egg yet to be uncovered. Flying saucers can even be seen in single player after getting 100% completion along with a certain creature known as Bigfoot. You will easily stumble across easter eggs in GTA, just play the game.

Now for some of my favourites:

Saints Row 2: Giant Bunny

A rather fascinating and very eastery easter egg. swim out to a hidden island and swim around for a bit and suddenly a giant bunny will appear from the water! A rather random but cool experience! The bunny that comes up can be seen throughout the game in shops and is even see-able in full giant form in saints row 3 – see the ship in the restricted zone.

GTA IV: Statue of Happiness’ Heart.

GTA IV’s version of the statue of liberty is the statue of happiness on happiness island. The entrance to the inside of the statue is marked by a sign that says “no hidden content this way”. Go in through that doorway, climb the ladder and Bob’s your uncle theres a rather large heart infront on you. Note: you can’t kill it

Gears Of War 3 Golden Chicken

In Act 1-1, when you get to the deck area with the first COG Tag, there are four large cylindrical pipes on the sides of the area (two on either side). You can approach these and hit X to shout into them. Shout into all four to make a giant, fire-breathing golden chicken appear. Really.

Defeating the Golden Chicken on 4 Player Insane will also unlock a Cluckshot on this level.

Gears of war developers really like chickens I think!

GTA Vice City

Speaks for itself!


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